Spielgruppe/Parent-Toddler Class

The Spielgruppe is a pop up class and runs 1 1/2 hours.  The children  need to be between 18 months and 5 years. 

The Spielgruppe begins with a morning circle. We sing together, read stories or introduce a finger play. You will notice many repetitions. Repetitions and rituals are an important part of our time together. They help us create a protected environment where children can discover the world for themselves and at their own pace. Children find comfort in something they know. It helps them to grow self esteem and confidence.

An activity follows next. This may be a game, arts and crafts, a piece of music or perhaps a felt board story. We teach along with the seasons, with a main focus on creativity.

After the activity, we have a shared snack. This is not only about the food, it is also about the social experience around it. A table saying before we start the meal, lighting a candle, and a  lovingly laid table underline the special nature of the meal we have together. The children learn about orientation (choose a spot to sit), social consideration (wait for others, stay seated) motor skills (handle fragile dishes) and more. This is also a good opportunity for the parents to socialize over a cup of coffee or tea.

At the end of each Spielgruppe we’ll read another book (if there is still time left) and sing our goodbye songs.

The attending parent needs to be fluent enough in German to be able to guide the child through the lesson. 

Drop in fee per class : $20 


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