Preschool Program


Kleine Schule offers a preschool program from Monday to Thursday for children 18 months and up. The hours are 9am - 3pm with extended aftercare until 4pm. Families can choose between 4 days, 3 days or 2 days a week. 

To create a stimulating and challenging climate at the school, Kleine Schule offers a wide variety of activities for the children, similar to a traditional “Kindergarten” in Germany, including art, music, building projects for large and small motor skills, books, dance, puzzles, imaginative play and much more. 

Non-German speakers and German speakers alike are immersed into the German culture and learn the language through repetition of our daily routines and songs, as well as through interactions with other children, parents, and the teacher. Each child learns the language at her own pace. First, the child comes to understand the meaning of the words, much like an infant and toddler does in its beginning stage of language development. Once the child becomes more familiar and comfortable with the language, she/he begins to speak more naturally. Vocabulary is build through themed units, such as life on a farm, my family, animals around us, and all the traditional german holiday celebrations. The children dive deeply into the unit by completing on-theme craft projects, hearing topical books read aloud, playing dress-up games, singing songs or learning a fingerplay about the topic. The repetition of the theme helps them to naturally learn the German language. I’m also a big supporter of  imaginary play in fact I believe that most learning will take place during their imaginary play. 

For more information or school tours please contact Runa via email